This website is about being vegan and vegetarian.

It is also our hope that we can highlight some vegan and vegetarian products that meet very strict criteria.

All adverts that appear within this website will try very hard to allow only businesses that are either vegan or vegetarian in the strictest sense of the word and do not serve any foods that contain ANY animal matter on its premises.

It is our hope, that in time to come, or businesses on this website that are vegan, will carry the vegan emblem.

If there is a similar emblem covered by a vegetarian society or suchlike, please do email me.

By vegetarian we mean no consumption of neat fish fowl and egg or any of its derivatives and food that is in no way contaminated by any of these items.

It is our firm belief, that eggs whether fertile or infertile, can never be considered a vegetable and is a Tamasic food.

I am not qualified to speak about the veganism, so I would rather point to organisations that are far better equipped than I am to write about the subject and to further that cause.

Please visit:

if you have a recipe or an interesting article perhaps that you would like to share please email it to us as well as a picture of yourself then we will upload it for you.

Any business that is strictly vegetarian or strictly vegan and does not serve any other non-vegetarian non-vegan products can advertise on this website totally free of cost.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

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